Where Are We, What Are We Doing?

Hi! Peggy here with a quick update on how things are going in Troupe Games Land. (Not affiliated with any real land. But if it were, there would be weeds everywhere right now.) Shawn and I have been radio silent too long and I am terrible about remedying that, but here goes!

Let’s start with me. A year plus of lockdowns, kids being home all the time, things upending in general, and I’ve had some mental health…fun. Basically, my depression meds stopped working, slowly enough I wasn’t even aware until everyone was aware. I am now trying an increase in medication and hoping it will help. Which means all my projects including three for Troupe Games should see some updates. The other projects are fiction and not game related.

Shawn’s day job has been very busy. He’s finding time to work on things, but in dribs and drabs. He is juggling 60 hour work weeks with me, the kids, 3 dogs (one of which is a new puppy) and an almost grown-up kitten. And, while Shawn is doing a great job (not paid to say this, the truth) it does leave free time to work on games in short supply.

And we both are trying to find time to finish up Rise of the Wildlings in particular. The art is paid for. The book is 85% written and has been through round 1 of editing. We are so excited to get this book into people’s hands and continue our saga for the Jonstown Compendium. So, it is coming. Just, later than we’d intended.

Now, the good news is, book 3 Lances at Dusk is about 50% complete and should not take nearly as long to get into people’s hands.

So, there we are. Here we are. In conclusion, things are going.



2 thoughts on “Where Are We, What Are We Doing?

  1. I just saw that you’ve decided to discontinue the Jaldonkiller’s Saga and removed Valley of Plenty from the Jonstown Compendium. I can understand the challenges of publishing an ambitious series, alongside all the fun of normal life on a good day, let alone these days.

    I just wanted to express the hope that you consider putting Valley of Plenty back up some day. Even by itself, it’s an amazing product. It’s a wonderful book that is widely loved and I think it can stand on its own even if the rest of the Saga is never written. I missed my chance to get the hardcopy and I’m stalking it on Noble Knight now. I know I’m not the only one who hopes for a second chance to add your design work to their Glorantha library.

    Whatever the book’s fate, I hope you all take care. The people always have to come first!


  2. 100% agree with sevensideddie’s comment! I would really like to get a copy of Valley of Plenty and I am very disappointed I could not find it anywhere!
    Heard of you and your work in the God Learners podcast and I can’t wait to discover your work by myself!
    Take care,


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