Welcome to Troupe Games!

Troupe Games is an independent game company devoted to the ideal of bringing you fun and inclusive rules, settings, and adventures!

The emphasis of Troupe Games’ products is on narrative, “character forward” play. Our goal is to create content that allows players and game masters to say, Yes, you CAN do that instead of the more traditional You can TRY to do that. We call this character forward design and we hope you’ll call it fun!

While we are newcomers to the indie RPG scene, we aren’t newcomers to game publishing. In addition to an emphasis on making games people enjoy, we have over a decade of experience creating visually striking, high-quality digital and print products for our customers. We hit above our weight when it comes to customer satisfaction and customer service!

At the moment, Troupe Games is committed to providing content for independent games that share our philosophy, but we may dive into the publication of our own RPG rules at some point.

Follow us here and on social media to keep up with what we’re up to – we think you’ll be happy you did!

Shawn & Peggy Carpenter